News & events

19-20th of December 2023

Workshop on European Identity Politics
with Liesbet Hooghe, Gary Marks, Katjana Gattermann and Catherine de Vries

This workshop, organized by Prof. Dr. Theresa Kuhn and John M. Michaelis, was designed to present and exchange views on research that centers around European identity in a political setting. The culmination of the workshop was a roundtable discussion on interdisciplinary perspectives on researching European identity with Claske Vos (University of Amsterdam), Kai Gehring (University Bern), Tsveta Andreeva (European Cultural Foundation), and Pawel Zerka (European Council of Foreign Relations).

19th of October 2023

Applied Workshop on Estimating Dynamic Bayesian Latent Variables
given by Chris Claassen

This interactive workshop, hosted by Dr. Gianna Eick and Prof. Dr. Theresa Kuhn, was designed to provide a hands-on experience on the practicalities of gathering data, fitting Bayesian Latent Trait  models, and interpreting the model fit in the context of dynamic Bayesian latent variables. The session was  led by Dr. Christopher Claassen from the University of Glasgow.

13th of October 2023

Prof. Dr. Theresa Kuhn's Inaugural Lecture as Chair of Modern History and Politics of Europe in a Global Context